London Private Medical Services is a London Medical Concierge Service for bespoke clinical care in the heart of London for local and international  Private Patients.

Access bespoke private healthcare hospitals to obtain an effortless, personal  and premium experience.

With 7 million outpatient appointments, and 750000 elective surgeries backlogs, a service providing rapid access to the best specialists is now invaluable. Join now and we will ensure that you receive priority access. 


 Seeking a fast track consultation?

Need a 2nd opinion?

We are here for you, just ask. This is an exclusive service, we have partnered with the finest medical and healthcare specialists.  Patient care is our number one priority.



London is the centre for world class medical solutions now you can easily access them for your whole family. Patient care is our number one priority and we have a dedicated team of professionals who will ensure from your very first call that you receive the best possible medical care. They will formulate an individual personal patient care plan for you.

All of our professional patient liaison team have over 10 years’ experience working with a wide range of specialists.