7-10 million UK Out Patients appointments and 750000 elective surgeries delayed due to Covid 19

How London Private Medical Services an exclusive and discrete Medical Concierge Company helps you to get in front of the best Clinicians

Many people have out standing cancer heart disease and stroke appointments and are not being seen.  The Office of National Statistics shows that 46300 non Covid 19 extra deaths were reported between March and June 2020. There is a need to be seen and fast.

London Private Medical Services is a Concierge Company that is a one stop rapid access portal to the very best London Specialists. Need a second opinion or to see someone quickly? This service is here for you.

Uniquely Gabrielle Teare is a Scientist with over 20 years experience working alongside medical professionals and has established a huge network of contacts that you can now access. The Medical Concierge is an addition to a very successful Concierge company that was started in 2007.

Medical Concierge Services are relatively new to the UK “we are the fixers of Medical Healthcare  This is a market that is set to grow and expand”says founder Gabrielle Teare.  To find out how we can help you contact info@londonprivatemedicalservices. Join us here